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By | February 7, 2013

Tourist Places in Bangladesh (Tourist Destination)

coxThough Bangladesh is not much developed country and is in the developing stage. But still there are few tourist spots available in the country. There are few regions which are known for its flora and fauna. Its archaeological sites, resorts, beaches, wildlife and other areas are worth exploring. Moreover, the tradition and culture of the country is worth exploring. Whether you want to visit religious place, ancient ruins, natural places in Bangladesh, there are few tourist places in Bangladesh.

  • Cox’s Bazaar:  This is the tourist capital of Bangladesh having world’s longest beach with crystal clear blue water. There are also few market places in this location allowing people to shop along.
  • Sundarbans:  Located on the mouth of Ganges River, the Sundarbans delta is spread across the part of Bangladesh. It features network of waterways and small islands which attracts good number of tourists.
  • Somapura Mahavihara:  It is the most famous monastery situated in Rajshahi district of south Bangladesh.  It covers 27acres of land and is the largest monastery is the country.  The design of the monastery is largely influenced by architecture in Cambodia.
  • Chittagong:  It is a picturesque place with forest and lakes surrounding the city. The seaport here is the important port of the country.  Besides, there are few other locations in this city offering better tourism.
  • Rangamati: Zigzag hills and clean roads, makes this place most visited.  Fishing, speed boat, cruising, hiking and other activities can be done in this city. It also has the famous resort for tourists visiting here.
  • Sylhet: Nestled in the picturesque locations of tropical forest, Sylhet is the top tourist location in Bangladesh.  The tea estate in Sylhet is worth visiting location in Bangladesh.

There are many more tourist places in Bangladesh which should not be missed if visited. Visit again and explore more about tourist spots in Bangladesh