Top Bengali dishes that would surely make your mouth water

By | November 7, 2012

Top Bengali dishes that would surely make your mouth water

Bengal is popular for its sea food. The dishes are not only gustatory stimulating, but also pleasant to the eyes. This is what attracts tourists from all over the India and even abroad to this state of delicacies.

Here is a list of top 3 Bengali recipes:

Delicious prawn curry is made with a flavour of coconut in it. The prawns are marinated with turmeric and salt. Then a curry is made by frying onion paste, bay leaves, cardamom, cloves and cinnamon till it becomes golden brown. This is followed by adding some ginger paste and sugar. Coconut milk along with 1/3rd cup water is added next, along with the spices like chillies, turmeric and salt. The marinated prawns are fried separately in a pan until they turn yellow and then put in this curry when it is bubbling hot. When this gravy becomes thick, it is served with rice.

Mishti_DoiAnother popular dish widely appreciated in Bengal is the mishti doi. This is eaten as a sweet dish served best when cold. It is made by heating the milk over low flame in a thick bottom vessel. Sugar is added according to taste to this milk after it boils and it is kept simmered until its volume reduces to half. In a different pan, 2 tablespoons of sugar is heated along with some amount of water until it turns golden brown. This melted sugar is then added to the heated milk and boiled for another 15 minutes. Now, this mixture is cooled down and poured into an earthen pot. Refrigerating this earthen pot gives a fresh flavour to the dish and makes it all the more delicious.

The state of Bengal is also synonymous to Sandesh. This sweet dish made up of fresh cottage cheese, sugar, pistachios and cardamom is too hard to resist. The recipe is simple too. Cottage cheese is mashed until it becomes smooth. Cardamom and sugar are added to this and this mixture is rolled into balls along with pistachios. These balls and served frozen.