Top 10 Real Estate Companies in New York City (NYC)

By | February 3, 2015

Top 10 Real Estate Companies in New York City (NYC)

Real Estate companies provide property consisting of land with the building on it, to go with it you might also have natural resources and open spaces which are a part of the property. These properties are mainly stationary properly, and may be used as an asset in future. For the growth of real estate companies you need huge amount of money.

In an ultra modern city like New York in USA it is natural that there will be big real estate companies, who will look to make investment to get profitable returns.

List of top ten real estate companies in New York City (NYC)

In the region of Park Slopes, according to sales figures the top real estate companies in the NYC are:

  • The Corcoran Croup takes the lion’s share of the market, and according to sources the company’s listings is worth over $350 million.
  • Elliman Group is the next among the real estate companies in the regions, and its listing are worth $194 million roughly.
  • Halstead Group of property is the next among the big real estate companies in the area with sales figures of $120 million approximately. Recently is has bought many small companies too to extend its business.
  • Brown Harris Stevens Group is perhaps the second largest in the region with resounding sales figures of above $68 million.
  • Towns Residential is a real estate company in the Tribeca regions and has 10% of the market share.
  • Next is the Sothbey’s Internatinal Realty Firm, which shares 7 of the market in the region.
  • Stribling & Associates is the next on the pile chart of the top real estate companies and its market share is roughly 5%.
  • Warbrug Reality Partnership has 3% of the market share and is said to have one of the best growth rate in the region according to sources.

There are other companies who have roughly 20% of the total real estate of real estate investments in the region.