Top 10 Places in UK to Make Money from Property

By | January 28, 2015

Top 10 Places in UK to Make Money from Property

Property can be a fruitful investment if you can wisely invest on it analyzing the future prices. The following places in UK will be ideal for you to invest on property in order to get great returns in the future:

  • South Tyneside

The places in the north-eastern regions of UK is expected to elevate in terms of property with many upcoming cities like Newcastle but the south Tyneside is expected to see a boom in the sky-high prices of real estate properties.

  • York

Historically rich cities of Yorkshire and Humber in York are expected to witness a rise in price of property in the future.

  • North western region

Trafford located in Manchester is one of the places in the North West region of UK which is likely to create buzz in the future with its rising price of property.

  • West Midlands

The place of West Midlands where the prices of property are forecasted to rise is Solihull.

  • Wales

Many places in Wales are expected to have seen the rise in the price of property but according to experts there are chances of rise in price of the properties in n Cardiff to a considerable amount.

  • East Midlands

Leicestershire in East Midlands is expected to gain a surge in the price of properties.

  • North East Somerset and Bath

Surge in the price of property is likely to be witnessed in Bath, the Georgian city and North East Somerset.

  • Hertfordshire

It is in the county of Hertfordshire that the hike in the prices of property can be expected in the Eastern part of UK.

  • Surrey

In the South East region, the county of Surrey will witness a spike in the prices of property.

  • Fulham and Hammersmith

Rise in the prices of property is expected in Fulham and Hammersmith in London.