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Durga Puja at Ramkrishna Mission Singapore

Ramkrishna Mission Singapore Singapore Durga Puja Ramkrishna Mission Singapore Contact Address: 179 Bartley Road, Singapore 539784 Phone Number: +65 6288 9077 Fax: +65 6288 5798 Email id: office@ramakrishna.org.sg Official website: www.ramakrishna.org.sg Singapore Ramkrishna Mission also organises Durga Puja every year. Ramkrishna Mission Singapore was established on 7th of August 1928 by Swami Adyananda.

Ramkrishna Mission Singapore Durga Puja

Ramkrishna Mission Singapore Durga Puja Durga Puja is also celebrated at Ramkrishna Mission, Singapore.  A large number devotees visit Ramkrishna Mission every year durga Durga Puja. During pooja festival people get a chance to meet each other and enjoy the festive mood.

Singapore Durga Puja

Singapore Durga Puja Bengali Association Singapore (BAS) This year Durga Puja was inaugurated by Ms.Vijay Thakur Singh, High Commissioner of India. Durga Puja organised by Bengali Association Singapore is the largest Durga Puja in Singapore. There are other Durga Pooja pandals in Singapore like the one organised by the Bengali Hindus originated from Bangladesh. This Puja… Read More »