Recent Durga Puja themes and ideas

By | August 6, 2013

Recent Durga Puja themes and ideas

The Durga Puja is almost knocking at the door. With only 2 months away preparations are speeding up, organizers are gearing up for the massive festival. The Durga Puja is iconic for the Bengalis. Although it is a Hindu festival but it has become synonymous with the Bengali culture and tradition. Bengalis are happy and merry people with a lot of festivals and occasions round the year but the Durga Puja is the greatest of them all. People look forward to this every year and it is celebrated in epic proportions. Different clubs and organizers spend lakhs and crores on the pujas including lightings, decorations, idols, bringing in celebrities and so on. The Bengalis take pride in this glamorous occasion. Everybody from young to old come together and socialize. People wear new dresses to match to the glam quotient. Business peaks up, garment stores to food counters everything goes buzzing with customers. People throng the streets and stay out the whole night with merry making and pandal hopping. One who has not been a part of this will never understand the proportions unless you’ve seen it for yourself.

hong-kongWhat is most interesting is that different organizers and clubs take part in a competition which judges the best decorated and maintained pandal of the city. Competition gets fierce with the organizers spending huge sums in massive decorations. The pandals with the most unique theme generally wins. Or maybe the one which is the grandest of them all wins. Pandals are temporary structures usually made of bamboo and cloth but can vary according to the theme. In these pandals the idols are kept during the puja days for visiting and worshipping. So these pandals can be huge and elaborate with special craftsmen brought in from all over the state of West Bengal to prepare it. Nowadays it is the trend that pandals will defferent themes. Themes can vary. Generally themes are based on the current scenario so that the masses can relate to it better.

Over the years a variety of themes have been noticed and every year they come up with something new to entice the general people.

1. Village theme—this is one of the common themes where the rural Bengal is shown. The roots of the Bengal culture are based on the rural villages. The temporary structures can look strikingly real with mud houses and thatched roofs. The essence of Bengal retained with clay models of villagers and cows grazing.

2. Old civilizations—this theme is also interesting where popular ancient civilizations are artificially created like the Egyptian civilization. Temporary pyramids are created as the pandals and the idols are designed to look like Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. The interiors are designed to look like Egyptian palaces with hieroglyphics scripted on the walls.

3. Harry Potter—this was when the Harry Potter craze was at its peak. The pandals were constructed like the Hogwarts castle and characters from the book were created too. This drew some controversy as the author of Harry Potter sued the organizers for stealing her creation. But this was a huge hit with the kids and J.K Rowling should know that these people don’t make profits. In fact they did it to entertain the kids who are Harry Potter fans.

4. Eco-friendly—in these times of economic downfall and recession everything has a cost cutting. So the eco-friendly theme is getting popular day by day. Pandals are made of eco-friendly materials like chalk. Recyclable materials are also used to cut the cost. This is also a hit because it inspires people to use harmless things instead of pollution causing materials.