Opera Mini & Opera Mobile browsers

By | April 6, 2012

Opera Mini & Opera Mobile browsers

Opera has started in the year 1994 as the research project in Telenor, a leading telecom company from Norway. Within one year, the Opera Software-ASA launched as the independent development company. Opera has its headquarters in Norway, having more than 700 employees in the offices worldwide.

Opera Mini

Fastest JavaScript engine
The JavaScript engine is further enhanced for running more rapidly than ever! It makes the Opera fastest browser on the Earth in various performance tests. Even the composite web pages run with the lightning speed.

Support for latest HTML5
With the newest Opera Presto interpretation engine as well as leading support for the HTML5, the websites using newest web standards do effort perfectly. Opera browser supports the technologies, which enable the sophisticated web apps as well as multiplayer games, and newest CSS3 like linear gradients as well as multiple columns display.

Fast & smooth graphics
Everything in Opera browser is strained on the screen using the high-performance of Vega graphics library of Opera. It enables smooth and super fast graphics, with everything from the tab switching for animation on the web pages.

Opera Mobile Browser

Browse more and wait less
Web is never been very fast on the phone. The Opera’s rationalized rendering engine as well as server-side compression permits Opera browser for loading the web pages quickly than the other mobile browsers. The features like shortcut keys, address bar, and the touch screen control accumulate you time & effort while performing the basic tasks, like entering the addresses or scrolling quickly through the pages.

Save money on the data charges
Opera is a smart choice for the browsing with expensive data plans. Using Opera browser for browsing Web within the mobile phone may save the money on phone bills, through reducing the data usage considerably. Opera Mini browser utilizes only tenth of bandwidth for other browsers, reducing the web pages by around 90%. With Opera Mobile browser, using the Opera Turbo compresses the data by around 80%, or leaving the Opera Turbo off for getting full website data, just like a PC.

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