Lazeez ruhani lamb (mutton) recipe download

By | January 23, 2012

Lazeez ruhani lamb (mutton) recipe download 

Festive season has started and it’s the time to munch over lot of sweets and sumptuous food items. If you love eating lamb in your regular diet, then you must have savor lazeez ruhani lamb recipe by now! But if you are hearing the name of this recipe for the first time, then don’t be surprised. You can check out the ingredients as well as the method of preparing this mouth-watering dish in this article below! I am sure not only you but all the members of your family and friends would love this recipe and love to eat it again and gain. This recipe is easy to make and can get prepared in short period of time. So don’t think much, and start preparing the recipe in your homely kitchen!

Lazeez ruhani lamb (mutton) recipe
Ingredients to prepare Lazeez Ruhani Lamb (Mutton) Recipe:
2 cups hung curd, 500gm mutton mix (ran, shoulder, chops) with bones, 1 heaped tsp saunf, 6 chopped onions, ¾ tsp kalonji, ½ tsp ajwain, 2 tbsp cooking oil, ¼ tsp methi dana, ½ tsp red chilly powder, ½ tsp chaat masala, ½ tsp salt

Method to prepare Lazeez Ruhani Lamb (Mutton) Recipe:
In a pressure cooker, heat oil and splutter methi Dana in it. Stir well and then add kalonji and ajwain to it. Stir-fry till ingredients becomes brown in color.

Now add chopped onions and then sauté them for few minutes. Add seasoning and mix well.
Add mutton pieces and toss them so that mutton gets covered and dry with masala. Now add hung curd to mutton mixture. Stir well and cover the cooker and pressure cook it for 10 minutes until mutton becomes tender and firm.
After 10 minutes, remove lid from cooker and cook on high flame till gravy of thick consistency develops.
Transfer the dish to serving bowl and serve hot.