Latest Women’s Fashion Trends in Kolkata

By | May 27, 2012

Latest Women’s Fashion Trends in Kolkata

Fashion a Passion of Kolkata

Fashion is not something that exists forever but keeps changing with time. The fashion industry is making an incredible mark in the city of Kolkata. Fashion has always been a source of delight for the people of Kolkata but present craze for fashion is remarkable.

The Indian economy has seen a lot of development recently in the field of apparel and fashion, and the government has taken adequate action in reimbursing the status of fashion world in Kolkata. It being a cultural city, fashion in Kolkata is much different from other cities of India. Fashion in Kolkata is a blend of modern outlook and traditional thought. However, one section of the society in Kolkata is indeed perfect fashion people who follow trends of latest happening in Delhi, Mumbai and Paris. This city with a remarkable fashion portal is well-liked by fashionable person and trend setters. Its dynamic fashion trends and style had motivated and inspired a good number of people to follow it. It is a platform for aspiring models, designers, fashion photographers and beauticians either to launch or strengthening their career worldwide.

 The fashion industry in Kolkata is a colorful and glamorous world that highlights the vibrant textile heritage to modern apparels, traditional to modern fabrics, contemporary to western and incorporating them to latest fashion trends.

Kolkata recently has taken all measures to bring in all   big names in the fashion world to come in and as a result all big names in the fashion world had set up their designer shops in Kolkata.

One can also come across a large number of apparel and fashion consultants in Kolkata playing the role of fashion designers and consultants. Among the big names in apparel and fashion world consultants, we can name a few, who have set up their consultancy in Kolkata like,

  • Prastooti Creations
  • Necessity
  • Mantra
  • M and S Designer Studio
  • Anamika Khanna
  • Monaplai
  • Kanishka
  • Heritage
  • Global Institute of Fashion Tech, etc. 
  • Medhavan Khaitan

Kolkata also has world renowned fashion designers who have not only made a place for themselves in the fashion world but also have heralded the upshot of country’s fashion in the present comparative market of fashion designing globally. To name few we have Vivek Kumar, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Soumitra Mandal and many others. Come to Kolkata and explore the age-old but well cherished latest fashion trends throbbing in every corner of the city.

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