How to Reach Majuli Island?

By | November 7, 2012

How to Reach Majuli Island?

Majuli is the largest river island in the world. Assam is the land of beauty and it is the ultimate platform for nature lovers or explorer. Majuli perhaps is one of the main attractions for the tourist. The main attraction of Majuli is its culture. It is worldwide famous for its culture and the Khatriya dance. Many people outside visited this particular place just to learn the dance form and perform outside the country. Apart from this there are so many other attractions of the river island. Reaching Majuli is very adventurous. If you are planning to visit Majuli then Guwahati is the city from where there is easy connectively.

Reach Majuli from Guwahati:

Jorhat is 300 kms from Guwhati approx. You have to take a train from Guwahati railway station to Jorhat. Jorhat is the nearest station of Majuli. You also have the option to opt for roadways. A road trip to jorhat can be amazing. It is a small town.

Once you reach Jorhat town you have to take a cab or hire a taxi service to reach the ghat from where there are regular ferry services throughout the day.  To reach the ferry stop you have to travel 10-15 kms approx. there are regular public transportation to the ghat as well.

Once you reach the ferry stand you can board for the ferry that is available in the stand. There are minimum 3 ferry services on a regular basis in the interval of 2 hours approx.  The last ferry that leaves is at 4.30 PM. The ferry ride in around 1 hour-1:30 hours to reach Majuli ghat. It is called neemati ghat. The feryy ride to majuli will surely be one of the best experiences in your life. After reaching the ghat you can take public transport to reach the main spot of Majuli.