How to cook wild rice mushroom pilaf : Recipe

By | January 23, 2012

How to cook wild rice mushroom pilaf Recipe

Do you want to know what wild rice mushroom pilaf is? This is a 10 minutes dish in which rice is cooked with only 1 tablespoon of oil along with mushrooms, onions, corns, bell peppers and healthy nuts. This is one of the healthiest dishes especially for all those who are calorie conscious as they only contain 120 calories only. So don’t waste time and start gathering its ingredients!

Wild rice mushroom pilaf
Ingredients to prepare wild trice mushroom pilaf:
½ cup uncooked rice, ½ tsp coarsely ground black pepper, 60gm chopped walnuts, ½ tsp salt, 1 tbsp canola oil, 90gm whole mushrooms (wiped clean and quartered), ¼ tsp poultry seasoning, ½ cup diced onion, thinly sliced ½ red bell pepper, 1 cup frozen corn (thawed)

Method to prepare wild rice mushroom pilaf:
Firstly to prepare wild rice mushroom pilaf, you need to cook rice in pan according to mentioned directions on packet.
In a medium skillet, roast walnuts by stirring them continuously. Now keep these walnuts in a separate cup.
Now in same skillet, heat 1 tsp canola oil and then sauté onions and mushrooms in it for atleast 2 minutes. Now add corns, bell peppers and poultry seasoning to it. Cook for another 5 more minutes or till vegetables become tender. Cover the skillet and switch off the flame.

Now drain rice. Add rice to mushroom mixture. Now add walnuts, black pepper and salt to mixture and stir nicely. Pour 2 tsp oil over the top of mixture and toss gently.

Transfer the dish to serving plate and serve hot!
This dish contains 4 g proteins, 120 calories, 2g fiber, 6g fat, 150g sodium and 15g carbohydrates. You would be glad to know that this healthy dish is free from any saturated fat and cholesterol.