Hospital Management System (HMS) Software

By | April 6, 2012

Hospital Management System (HMS) Software

Any HMS (Hospital Management Software) is used in the hospitals to manage the details from patient admission to patient discharge including payments. Following are some of the details of any HMS software.


With this system, the user can register the patient name. The user records and database are maintained by system. You may add, update or delete records from system having proper privileges.

Patient Check In / Check Out

For In-Patient: If new patient is admitted to system, one unique record is produced for every patient with room reservation with case papers as well as other details.
For Out-Patient: If new patient comes to Doctor for OPD, the system generates one unique record for every patient with patient details as well as case papers.

Laboratory / Pathology Automation

System keeps track on laboratories in hospital. System keeps track on tests done on different patients as well as its records maintained by its system.

Inventory System

System keeps track on all inventory of hospital that can incorporate different departments like food, pharmaceuticals with laundry department, etc. Vendor and stock details are preserved by system.

Food Department Automation

System keeps track on all activities associated to food department. It keeps track on all activities associated to the department.


Pharmaceutical department is extremely important part of hospital. System keeps track on inventory and patient prescription details. The system informs user in advance for storage updation and inventory maintenance.

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