Heart Attack Symptoms in Men over 50

By | March 29, 2012

Heart Attack Symptoms in Men over 50

Heart attack is the common disease that mainly men suffer after crossing fifties. Diagnosing heart attack is may be every one of us identifies well about symptoms of it. Knowing symptoms will permit us identify about symptoms of pre heart attack as well as will assist us in saving life. The biological clock of the body exhibits down like we grow old. Body becomes weak because all systems in the body not work properly.

In the recent times, it is found that age of the patients for heart attacked is worsening considerably to 40. Even at times, there are cases if heart attack is experiential in men in mid thirties or even in the late twenties. Now we may not limit disease of the heart attack to any definite age group or with a particular sex as heart attack risk comes in both sexes.

Exposure for risk of the heart attack in the men relies on reasons behind that. It is extremely important to discuss heart attack symptoms in the men over 50. The reasons of heart attacked should be discussed in order that we may prevent heart attack. Preventing heart attack is necessary to fight for life because of this killer disease. Amongst the different surveys it different health organizations, heart attack disease is the most frequently found killer disease.

Causes of Heart Attack?What Is Heart Failure? Heart failure is caused either by disorders of the heart or of blood vessels supplying blood to and from the heart. Heart attack may affect the right ventricle or the left ventricle or both. High blood pressure IHD, heart valves and abnormal heart rhythms may be cause of heart failure.

The most general symptoms that are observed during heart attack for men over the age of 50 are:

• Chest pain
• Pain in both arms
• At times, the pain lengthens to neck and lower jaw
• Abdominal pain is also the common symptom that gives you similar feeling like indigestion.
• Light headedness is also the heart attack symptom for which, man feels there are less chances of endurance. It happens because of increasing age of patient.
• Anxiety is another frequent heart attack symptom, visible in men.