Durga Puja Pandals in USA

By | October 2, 2012

Durga Puja Pandals in USA 

Durga Puja or Sharadustav is celebrated with outmost zeal and enthusiasm not only in India but with the same kind of rituals, culture and tradition all over the world. Durga Puja in USA is hosted with great passion and devotion.  A number of cultural programs, performances of renowned artists from India, contests and food festivals from part of the celebration.

Let’s delve into some of the most important pandals of Durga Puja in USA together with its venue & location:

1) Bengali Association of Greater Birmingham (BAGB)
BAGB is a Bengali culture and literature organization in Birmingham community, USA
Address: 4990 Ross Bridge Parkway,
Hoover, AL,35226
Website url: www.bagb.net

2) Bengali Cultural Association of Arizona (BCAA)
Address: #2809 W. Maryland Avenue,
Phoenix, AZ 85017
Email id: Committeebcaa@azbengal.org
Website: www.azbengal.org

3) Sanskriti
Address: PO BOX 53121, San Jose,
California, CA 95153B
Website: www.sanskriti.org

PRABASI is a socio-cultural organization Bengali organization in San Francisco Bay Area
Bay Area Prabasi
PO 700025, San Jose,
CA, California, USA
Website: www.prabasi.org
Email id: cultural@prabasi.org

5) Pashchimi
Address: Fremont, CA California
San Francisco Bay Area
Email id: contact@pashchimi.org
Website: www.pashchimi.org

6) Baybasi
Address: BAYBASI, Inc.
Address: PO Box 4538
Foster City, CA
Email: baybasi@gmail.com
Website: www.baybasi.org

7) Utsav
Address: #11230 Gold Express Drive, #310-412
Gold River, CA 95670
Email id: utsavpr@gmail.com
Website: www.utsavsac.org

8) Ankur
Ankur is a Bengali Cultural Association based in Sacramento
Address: Ankur Inc. 6601 Coyle Avenue, Carmichael,
CA 95608. EIN # 26-2948609
Email: ankursacpr08@gmail.com
Website: http://ankurinc.org

9) Saikat
Saikat is promoting Bengali culture in San Diego. Its also organizes Durga Puja every year.
Address: San Diego, CA
Email: ec@saikat.org
Website: www.saikat.org

10) Vedanta Temple
Address: California, Santa Barbara
Website www.vedanta.org

11) Bengali Association of Southern California (BASC)
BASC is a Bengali Association in Southern California promoting Bengali and Indian culture. It runs Bengali school (Pathbhaban) in San Fernando and other school (Pathsala) in Irvine area.
35 Bristlecone
Irvine, CA 92620
Email id: info@bascweb.org
Website: www.bascweb.org

12) Dakshini
Dakshini Bengali Association of California is a not for profit Cultural organization in USA promoting Bengali culture.
Address: P.O. 14385 Torrance, CA
TelePhone Number: (714) 995 2329
Email: info@dakshini.org
Website: www.dakshini.org

13) Bengali Association of Delaware Valley (BADV)
Address: P.O BOX# 9787,Newark,DE 19714
Delaware, Washington DC Area
Email id: badvadmin@yahoogroups.com
Website: www.badv.us

14) Udayani Cultural Club
Address: 98 Northwood lane
Stamford; CT 06903
Tele Phone Number NO. 203-968-2724
Email: sm_home@yahoo.com
Website: www.stamforddurgapuja.com

15) Bengali Association of Southern Florida (BASFL)
Address: PO 550076, Davie, FL Florida
Email: sf.bengali@gmail.com
Website: www.basfl.org

16) Soikot
Bengali Association of Greater Tampa
Address: Jyotirmoy Sarkar
8277 Swann Hollow Dr
Tampa, Florida – 33647
Email: soikot_florida@yahoo.com
Website: www.soikot.org

17) Pujari
A Socio-cultural organization in Atlanta, Georgia
Pujari Atlanta. PO Box: 670842,
Marietta, GA 30066
Website www.pujari.org

18) Bengali Association of Greater Atlanta (BAGA)
BAGA is a Bengali Organization in greater Atlanta area. It promotes Bengali culture, literature and other social and religious activities among the Indian diaspora.
Address: PO 88541, Atlanta, GA
Greater Atlanta , USA
Email: president@baga.net
Website: www.baga.net

19) Atlanta Bengali Forum (ABF)
ABF was established in the year 2001. It is a not for profit organization promoting Bengali cultural, social and religious activities among the Indian American Bengali community.
Address: # 710, Emory Bluff
Duluth, GA
Email id: info@atlantabengaliforum.org
Website: www.atlantabengaliforum.org

11) Purbasha
Purbasha is a not-profit socio-cultural Bengali Association for the Indian American Bengalis living in Atlanta, GA
Address: 4455 Steve Reynolds Boulevard,
Norcross, GA 30093
Georgia, Alpharetta
Website: www.purbasha.org

12) Bengali Association of Greater Chicago (BAGC)
Address: Illinois, Chicago
Email id: committee@bagc.net
Website: www.bagc.net

13) Bengalis in Chicago
Bengali in Chicago is a Bengali community organizes various Bengali cultural functions and religious activities.
Address: UIC, Student Center East.
Halsted Street, Chicago
Email: swarvanusanyal@gmail.com
Website: www.bicgroup.net

Address: Channing Murray Foundation Building,
1209 W Oregon, Urbana

15) Suchona Bengalees in Iowa, Illinois, USA
Suchona is a non-profit Bengali Organization is Iowa, USA.
Address: Suchona, Inc.839 Spencer Drive,
Iowa City, IA 52246
Email: pratimp@mchsi.com
Website: www.suchona.org

16) Baton Rouge Bengali Association (BRBLA)
Baton Rouge LA, USA
Email id: tapansarkark@gmail.com
Website: www.brbla.org

17) Bengalees of New England (BNE)
BNE is a Bengali Cultural Organization in the Greater Boston area promoting Bengali culture, tradition etc. It also organizes Durga Puja every year.
Address: Winchester High School
80 Skillings Road Winchester, MA
Email id: bne@b-ne.org
Website: www.b-ne.org

18) Prabasi of New England
Prabasi was established in the year 1981 in the greater Boston area. It’s a not for profit organization promotes religious as well as cultural activities of Bengali people living there.
Address: Prabasi Inc.,
31 Schofield Drive,
Massachusetts, MA 02460
Website: www.prabasione.org

19) Bichitra
Bengalis of the Motown community is a socio-cultural organization in the Detroit, Michigan.
Address: Michigan, Detroit
Bloomfield Hills, MI
Website: www.bichitra.org

20) Durga Bari of Boston
Address: Massachusetts, Quincy (MA)
United States of America
Website: www.bostondurgabari.com

21) Swajan of Great Lakes
Swajan is a Cultural, Religious organization in the Greater Detroit, Michigan area, USA
Every year it organizes Durga Pujo and other religious activities.
Address: P.O. Box 871796, Canton, MI 48187
Email id: info@swajan-mi.org
Website: www.swajan-mi.org

22) Bengali Association of Minnesota (BAM)
Its was formed in the year 1990 in Minnesota, USA.
Address: Arunava Das
222 Carve Creek PL.,
Carver, MN 55315
Email id: mnbengali-owner@yahoogroups.com
Website: www.mnbangali.org

23) Bengali Association of Nebraska (BANE)
BANE is a organization which promotes Bengali culture and awareness among the Bengali people of Omaha, Lincoln and other nearby areas.
The organization was established in the year 2006 and since then it is organizing Durga Puja, Saraswati Puja, Paila Baishak etc.
Address: Hindu Temple Nebraska
Nebraska, Omaha
Email id: bengaliassociationnebraska@gmail.com
Website: www.baneonline.org

24) Kallol
New Jersey Durga Puja Committee of Kallol
Kallol was established in the year 1975 in New Jersey, United States of America. Kallol of NJ organizes socio-cultural activities among the Bengali young generations. It also organizes various activities with the help of its members.
Address: Somerset, NJ
Email id: jbhowmick2009@gmail.com
Website: www.kallol.us

25) Garden State Puja Committee (GSPC)
GSPC was established in the year 1980. Every year it organizes Durga Puja and other cultural events.
Jersey City
Address: #1241 Kennedy Blvd, Bayonne, NJ
Website www.gardenstatepuja.org

26) Indian Community Center of Garden State (ICC GS)
Address: New Jersey, USA
Succasunna, NJ
It promotes cultural, Religious, educational activities among Bengali speaking people living in the New Jersey
Website www.icc-gs.org

27) Garden State Cultural Association (GSCA) NJ
Garden State Cultural Association is a Indian American organization in New Jersey. The Association promotes cultural, religious and Indian cultural events among the Bengali people living in New Jersey, USA.
Address: P.O. Box: 308
Scotch Plains, NJ – 07076, USA
New Jersey, Plainfield
Email id: contact@gsca.us
Website: www.gsca.us

UTSAV was established in the year 2005. UTSAV celebrate Durga Puja every year in New York. It promotes cultural heritage of Bengali people. UTSAV also organizes other events like Laxmi Puja, Saraswati Puja, Bengali new year etc.
Address: New York, Albany
Website: www.utsab.org

29) Sanskriti
Bengali Cultural Association of Greater Buffalo, NY
Sanskriti is a social organization in Buffalo, NY. Its is a not for profit organization which organizes cultural programmes as well as religious activities.
New York, Buffalo, NY
Phone Number: (440) 385-7050
Email id: secretary@buffalosanskriti.org
Website: www.buffalosanskriti.org

30) Bengali Community of Greater Binghamton
Binghamton Sarbojonin Durga Puja
Address: NY New York, Binghamton
Website: www.binghamtonpuja.org

31) Ramakrishna Vivekananda Center
Address: 17 East 94th Street,
New York, NY 10128
Phone Number: (212) 534-9445
Email: rvcenternewyork@gmail.com
Website: www.ramakrishna.org

32) Bengali Association of North Carolina (BANC)
BANC organizes various Bengali events like Vasanta Utsav, Durga Puja, Saraswati Pujo etc.
North Carolina Bengali Association
Address: North Carolina, Raleigh
Email: banc.ec.2011@gmail.com
Website: www.banc-online.org

33) Cincinnati Cultural Initiative (CCI)
CCI creates awareness about Bengali ethnic identity and its cultural and spiritual heritage.
Address: Ohio, Cincinnati
Email: cciorg_comm@yahoogroups.com
Website: cciorg.com

34) Pragati
Bengali Association of the Greater Philadelphia
Pragati was established in the year 1972. Every year it celebrates Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Lakshmi Puja, Saraswati Puja, and Naba Barsha. It also organizes cultural events and invites various renouned artists from India.
Address: 145 Eric Lane, Lansdale, PA 19446
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Email id: debasish_l@pragati.org
Website: pragati.org

35) Bengali Association of Pittsburgh (BAP)
BAP was established in the year 1981. It is promoting Bengali culture and religious activities among the Bengali residents in Pittsburgh
Address: Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh
Website: www.bengali-pitt.org/bap/

36) Bengali Association of Dallas Fort Worth (BA-DFW)
BA-DFW was established in the year 1984 in North Texas. BA-DFW is a non-profit Bengali Association in Dallas Fort Worth. It organizes various activities regarding Bengali landuage, culture, religion etc.
Address: 1401 N. Central Expressway #370
Richardson, Texas 75080 (Texas, Dallas)
Website: www.badfw.org

Bengali Organization of Greater Dallas
Address: 3601 Chimney Rock Dr
Carrollton, TX 75007
TX Texas, Dallas
Email id: info@antorik.com
Website: www.antorik.com

38) Houston Durgabari Society
Houston Durgabari is situated in Schiller Road in Houston, Texas. Every year the society organizes Durga Puja.
Address: #13944 Schiller Road,
Houston, TX Texas
Texas, Houston
Website: www.durgabari.org

39) Greater Richmond Bengali Association (GRBA)
GRBA represents Bengali community in the Greater Richmond area. Every year GRBA organizes Saraswati Puja, Durga Pujo, Paila Baishak etc.
P.O. Box 4622
Glen Allen, VA-23058
Virginia, Richmond
Email id: president@grbaonline.org
Website: www.grbaonline.org

40) Northern Virginia Bengali Association (NOVABA)
NVBA is one of the popular Bengali Association is Virginia. It has been promoting Bengali culture and heritage, religious activities etc.
Address: Virginia VA
Email id: novabacommittee@yahoo.com
Website: www.novaba.com

41) Uttoron
Bengal Community of Greater Seattle
Uttoron has been promoting Bengali Culture and Heritage among the young Bengali people living in Greater Seattle area of Northwest, USA.
Address: PO Box 3691, Bellevue 98009
Washington, Seattle
Email id: uttoron@uttoron.org
Website: www.uttoron.org

42) Vedanta Society of Western Washington
Vedanta Society was established in the year 1938.
Address: 2716 Broadway East
Seattle, WA 98102-3909
Phone: 206.323.1228
Broadway East Seattle, WA Washington
Email: society@vedanta-seattle.org
Website: www.vedanta-seattle.org

43) Sanskriti
Bengali Community of Greater Washington Metro area
Address: #4821 Marsden Court, Frederick,
MD Washington DC area
Email id: info@sanskriti-dc.org
Website: www.sanskriti-dc.org

44) Bengali Association of Madison, WI (BAM)
Address: Wisconsin, Madison
Email id: bamcommittee@gmail.com
Website: www.bamadison

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