Current Political Scenario in Kolkata

By | September 17, 2012

Current Political Scenario in Kolkata

Kolkata or the city of joy is home to about 14.1 million residents. Along with being a leading commercial, economic and cultural centre of India, this city also has much to contribute to the Politics of our country.

The ruling government of Kolkata under the leadership of Trinamool Congress’ president and Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee is at all time high. The latest contribution of Kolkata to Indian Politics being UPA Presidential candidate, Pranab Mukherjee who held the Finance Department of the country before this. The Trinamool Congress is the second largest constituent of Congress led party, UPA. However, Mamata does not seem to be satisfied with this candidature and wants Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam to hold this post once again. After the latter denied for standing for elections, Mamata is again in a fix.

However, the inter party clashes continue in the state. The politics of Kolkata is dominated primarily by Communist Party of India (Marxist), Trinamool Congress (ruling party), INC (Indian National Congress) and BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party). The Communist party heads left front and Trinamool Congress has come out to be the main UPA component in the state. After years of Communist party rule, Mamata Banerjee became the first female chief minister of West Bengal in 2011 Assembly elections.

At present, the city is witnessing an apparent fall out of Trinamool with its contemporary party, CPI because of obvious differences in opinion. The opposition holds the party responsible for uncontrolled price hike in the state. The basic modalities have become out of the reach for middle class families and the government is unable to resolve it. The government is also under huge loans from Central government, which adds to the instability. The traffic congestion, pollution, rising population and poverty continues to be a major problem in the city.