Current Bengali Women’s Fashion Trends

By | September 17, 2012

Current Bengali Women’s Fashion Trends 


     The grace of the typical Indian women can be defined by the simple and elegant attire of a Bengali lady. The bold and beautiful eyes; and the charming face with a simple red decorative piece (bindi) on their forehead makes them stand out in crowd. The daily clothing of women living in Kolkata is cotton saris. As sari is a traditional wear of India hence the female attire of Bengal is the same but the thing that makes them unique is the special regional sari. This is worn by almost all women in Bengal at the Durgapuja Festival. On this occasion every lady decorates her home and herself in the best way possible. Every new and traditional attire is worn and followed in every small and big part of the city. It is a white and red coloured drape which is worn with pleats placed on the front part of the torso.

     The married ladies in Kolkata have a tradition of dressing and decorating themselves but still being simple. Every married woman has some things in common. Every lady drapes herself in cotton sari, apply mascara to eyes, decoration on forehead, vermillion is a red colour powder that all married ladies have to compulsorily use along with the ‘shakha pola’ which is the mixture of red and white bangles. The white is shakha which is made up of the shells which are presumed to be sacred in India; the other is red which pola is made up of lark and ceramics. But the everyday attire of a normal lady in Bengal can also be a long cotton traditional shirt with loose cotton pyjama. The climate being humid in Kolkata, ladies emphasize more on loose and comfortable clothes. The normal trend of the city is unique in every way. However, the current global fashion trends are catching up soon in the city and you can figure out young girls wearing trousers, shirts, denims and skirts too.

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