CR Park Durga Puja

By | October 20, 2015

CR Park Durga Puja pandals attract huge devotees during six days of Durga Puja starting with Panchami. Though Durga Puja pandals in Noida are also getting good number of traffic yet Durga Puja pandals in CR Park are still favourite for devotees.


List of all the Durga Puja Pandals in CR Park. Delhi

1. Mandir Complex (Nearest Landmark Market 4)
2. Mela Ground Durga Puja (Nearest Landmark Market 2)
3. Pocket 52 Puja (Nearest Landmark Mandir Complex)
4. Milan Samity Puja ( Nearest Landmark Alaknanda)
5. E block Durga Puja ( Nearest Landmark Market 2)
6. D Block Durga Puja ( Nearest Landmark Market 2/DeshBandhu College)
7. Navapalli Puja Pkt 40 ( Nearest Landmark Market 1)
8. Cooperative Durga Puja, K Block ( Nearest Landmark Market 3/Mahila Samity)
9. B Block Durga Puja (Nearest Landmark Market 3/Pamposh Bus stand)

Roads to CR Park are accessible via Buses, Autos and Taxis. While private vehicles have to be parked outside CR Park in order to enter, Autos and Taxis can enter. The nearest metro stations are Nehru Place and Hauz Khaz. Autos and buses are available from the said metro stations.
Please be advised that due heavy traffic, start early to enjoy all the Pandaals and their versions of Devi Durga.

Hope this helps.

Have a Happy Puja and we hope to see you in CR Park to enjoy

Joi Maa.

Information courtesy: B-Block Durga Puja Committee, CR Park, Delhi