Careers in Information Technology in India

By | September 17, 2012

Career options  in Information Technology (IT) in India

In the era of IT (Information Technology), INDIA is regarded for her expert IT Professionals. Even government has acknowledged the capable future of the industry as well as has produced IT Ministry that will provide boost to the industry. The exceptional growth this industry has witnessed has resulted into being accepted as amongst the higher paid industries.

Working Sectors

Two main sectors are there in the field:

Hardware: It includes physical essentials of computer system as well as deals with manufacturing, designing, and continuation of the computers. This area incorporates assembling of manufactured components for computers.

Software: It includes instructions through which the computer is planned for working as well as performing particular tasks. This area incorporates work for designing programs for different purposes. The programs can be to control functioning of computers or it can also be a few user-friendly programs of specific requirements. Programs can also be in type of packages that are specially designed to meet different requirements for lot of people.

Professional Courses

There are different courses accessible in different institutions. A lot of degree and diploma courses are available for the students, who have flair and aptitude for subject. These include:

  • BCA (Bachelor in Computer Applications)
  • B.Sc. (Bachelor in Science) with Computers
  • MCA (Masters in Computer Applications)
  • M.Sc with Computers
  • Masters of System Management
  • B.E and B. Tech
  • M. Tech

Career Prospects

Information Technology includes ample activities including Computing & Telecommunication, and Office Automation, so it offers big area for job avenues to those that have acquired appropriate qualifications needed for it. At start of the millennium, NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies) has made a prediction that India might need 10, 00,000 software professionals within the few years. Present availability of such trained people is merely 5% of required amount. Therefore, we may say that IT sector will provide ample employment to many such professionals.