Bodybuilding workout schedule for men and women

By | March 29, 2012

Bodybuilding workout schedule for men and women

Anybody who goes to gym identifies that it should be a bodybuilding workout schedule to everybody, you have to select one, which best suited for you from different programs accessible. The bodybuilding is not very easy but however you have control and are constant with the efforts you may be able to have well toned shape you long for. The bodybuilding workout schedule, in case, supported with the good diet plan as well as rest routine may provide you faster results. The schedule adherence is amongst the most significant things when following the bodybuilding workout program. You shouldn’t miss out gym just as you were out behind partying with the friends as well as had extra to drink.

Here is the one day one-muscle schedule of bodybuilding exercises for men & women.

Day One (Chest)

• Flat/Decline Dumbbell Fly
• Incline Dumbbell Press
• Decline Dumbbell Press
• Barbell Bench Press

End chest exercises workout through asking your buddy for balancing the weight plate on the back as well as do 2 sets push ups until you hit the fatigue level in every set.

Day Two (Shoulder)

• Dumbbell Front Raises
• Dumbbell Lateral Raises
• Dumbbell Over Head-Press
• Military Press

End shoulder exercises routines through pull ups in case; you have energy, and then does it with weight belt in the region of your waist.

Day Three (Triceps)

• Barbell Triceps Press
• Close Grip-Bench Press
• Kickbacks
• Standing-Triceps Dumbbell Press
• Triceps Pull down

End triceps exercises with the double bar dips as well as do it with the weight belt to boost effectiveness.

Day Four (Legs)

• Barbell Squats
• Calf Raises (Standing/Seated)
• Leg Curl
• Leg Press
• Lunges

End leg exercises routine through glute extensions for getting the firm backside.

Day Five (Back)

• Bent over Rows
• Dead Lifts
• Dual Pulley
• Lat Pull down
• Shrugs

End back exercises with the weighted-belt back pull-ups. Do maximum reps possible within one set.

Day Six (Biceps)

• Barbell Bicep Curls
• Hammer Curls
• Incline Dumbbell Curl
• Preacher Curls

End bicep exercises with the cable machine curls, having overhand grip.