Best Healthy Indian breakfast Recipe Download

By | January 22, 2012

Best Healthy Indian breakfast Recipe

Hey girls and guys, check out some healthy Indian breakfast recipes which are mentioned in this article. These recipes are very nourishing and prove great for those who are on diet. So don’t think much and check out these mouth-watering healthy recipes below!

Oatmeal porridge
Ingredients to prepare oatmeal porridge:
¾ cup skim milk, 1 tbsp honey or jaggery, dash of cinnamon/cardamom/nutmeg, 1 cup of Quaker oats or simple rolled oats
Method to prepare oatmeal porridge:
Pour skim milk in pot along with oats. Boil them over high flame.
Add condiments long with honey /jaggery.
Cook for few more minutes till oats are done.
Serve hot after garnishing with chopped fruits and nuts.

Fruit smoothie
Ingredients to prepare fruit smoothie:
1 banana, 2 tsp honey, 1 sliced apple, 1 sliced orange, 5 strawberries, 1 sliced peach, handful of blueberries, 1 sliced apricot, handful of raspberries
Method to prepare fruit smoothie:
Mix all the ingredients in a blender.
Pour into glasses and serve.

Spicy and tangy scrambled eggs
Ingredients to prepare spicy and tangy scrambled eggs:
1 small chopped onion, 1 tbsp olive oil, 2 egg whites, 3-4 chopped garlic cloves, chopped veggies, 1 tbsp tomato ketchup, salt to taste, dash of freshly grounded pepper, 1 tbsp soy sauce
Method to prepare spicy and tangy scrambled eggs:
Heat oil in a frying pan. Sauté chopped onions and garlic in it. Now add veggies.
Now add egg whites and mix well.
Now add ketchup and soy sauce to it.
Season with salt and pepper.
Serve hot with whole grain toast.

Paneer ka chilla
Ingredients to prepare paneer ka chilla:
For batter:
1 cup gram flour, water, salt to taste, 1 tsp red chili powder, 1 tsp dry coriander powder, 1 tsp turmeric powder
For filling:
½ cup grated paneer, 1 chopped green chili, some chopped coriander leaves
Method to prepare paneer ka chilla:
Heat oil in a non-stick pan.
Pour 1 tbsp of batter on it and spread it evenly to prepare pancake. Cook on low flame.
Spread 1 tbsp of paneer filling on pancake.
Turn over and cook on other side too.
Serve hot with mint chutney.