AAKASH Tablet Review: Is the AAKASH Tablet worth buying?

By | March 29, 2012

AAKASH Tablet Review: Is the AAKASH Tablet worth buying?

AAKASH TABLET is the cheapest tablet provided by the Government of India in association with DATAWIND Company. It is offered at a staggering price of INR 2999.


Here is the specification of AAKASH tablet:

• 7-inch resistive display
• 366 MHz processor
• Graphics Accelerator with HD Video Co-processor
• 256 MB RAM
• 2 GB of Flash Memory having 2 GB of Micro SD card, which is expandable up to 32 GB
• Android 2.1 OS
• Wi-Fi
• 2 USB ports
• 2100 mAh battery

This 7-inch tablet has a muggy resistive touch screen, three-hour battery life with no 3G connectivity. With this tablet, you don’t require an expensive smartphone to access the apps, social media sites, and multimedia, at same time. You can say that it is a poor relative of the iPad family, however even with its basic functions; it is definitely noticeable.

Is AAKASH tablet worth buying?

At the staggering price of INR 2999, the UBISLATE is minimum some thousand rupees cheaper than even the most fundamental Android phone (The government-issue of AAKASH is priced at $35 or about INR 1700). Even without the 3G, it affords fast access to Internet through GPRS and Wi-Fi (although the government version is not having speakers and GPRS). It has patented data-compression technology of Datawind, which makes the web access much quicker through GPRS. Its multimedia competence is good, with clear video with 800×480 resolution and loud audio. It works on Android v2.1 with 2100 mAh battery. If you pay Rs.300 extra, you will get keyboard with protective case for your tablet. It also comes with 2 USB ports!

As the first version is already sold out in 14 days, the company has started the booking of UBISLATE 7+, which is a commercial version of AAKASH at INR 29999.

Here are the specifications of UBISLATE 7+:

• Connexant processor with HD Video processor and graphics accelerator
• 256MB RAM with internal storage of 2GB Flash
• Up to external 32GB Supported
• 2 Standard USB ports
• 7” display having 800×480 resolutions
• Resistive touch screen
• Wi-Fi and GPRS
• OS: Android 2.2
• Around 180 minute battery backup

For booking please go to http://www.akashtablet.com or http://www.ubislate.com/prebook.html